Your guiding light in the world of social media marketing and advertising.

From strategy and training to content creation and consultation, we’ll lead you through the bewildering forest of social media marketing. 

We’ll help you build meaningful relationships with your audience using well thought out content that delivers true return on investment.

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We help you achieve success with digital marketing using our years of knowledge, skills and experience. We fit seamlessly within your marketing team or as a partner agency. 


We'll work with you to create a results-focused strategy that links directly to your organisational objectives and is tailored to your audiences.
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Paid media

We're experts in ROI positive Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising. We'll help you drive awareness and convert prospects.
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Creative content

Social first every single time. We make sure your content is bang on the money with our photography, videography and copywriting services.
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Want to learn how to create scroll stopping content or highly targeted ads? Our one-to-one and group sessions are tailored to your needs.
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James and Mel, Directors of Digital Firefly Ltd

Digital Firefly, a creative social media marketing agency based in Brighton & Hove, founded by Mel and James to put the social back into social media.

We work with a fantastic team of digital marketers on a mission to create audience first, ROI positive marketing that provides direct results. 

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       We partner with organisations who are keen to see direct results from social media. Here are just a handful of our clients.

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