James, co-founder of Digital Firefly, knows how to create brand advocacy and loyalty by building online relationships with audiences.

I have a proven track record in using his knowledge, alongside his flair for public speaking and coaching, to help companies increase website traffic and audience engagement.

After working in public services for over ten years, five of those being in marketing and communications, I know the importance of building relationships with audiences.

As a digital native I have technical knowledge and a deep understanding of how creative content works across all major platforms.

Some of my work...

Young City Reads social media audit and coaching.

Working with Marina at Young City Reads I helped develop a strategy aligned to their business objectives and coached Marina in best use of each platforms, and they’re seeing the results.

“We knew that Young City Reads had tons of potential in creative social media and marketing, but we were far from reaching our potential, so it was recommended that James at Digital Firefly help us out. James gave a thorough evaluation of how all our platforms were performing, providing detailed insight into what he thought our strengths were and where we needed improvement. James demonstrated a fantastic understanding of our projects and he just completely ‘got’ our brand. The sessions were very creative and I was buzzing from all the brilliantly fun campaigns and ideas that we were bouncing around.

“Together we made a reasonable and actionable social media strategy and Young City Reads are delighted with the amount achieved in just a few months. Our engagement on Facebook and Twitter has increased vastly, our reach is up and we’ve made some great business contacts. We created have created a stylish Instagram account and we are excited to launch our blog in the summer.

“We have so much to thank James for, his skills, thorough research and creativity as a social media trainer has taken our business to the next level, I can’t recommend him enough!

Social Media: Measuring what matters workshops

Group training sessions designed to help businesses understand the metrics that matter in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and how to tie them to business objectives. Drop us a line to find out when the next one is.

Quotes from the attendees:

“Going through the metrics live, online was really useful. James was great and he paced the material well.”

“I would have been happy to sit there for longer, as the content was really interesting.”

Work before Digital Firefly...

Strategy and training

Sussex Police social media strategy, policy, guidance and training.

After a comprehensive audit as Digital Communications Manager, I shifted the force’s strategy working across departments to change the force’s use of social media for the better.

In the first three months as Sussex Police’s Digital Communications Manager my strategy changes increased social media traffic to their website by 360% and engagement in Facebook by 900% with zero budget. The organisation’s corporate channels now reach over six million people a month and engage with over 5,000.

My training and guidance to over 300 social media users saw a steady improvement in positive sentiment towards the organisation and the work of those trained recognised locally and nationally.

Video content

The Visit: Script writer, video director and social media campaign planner.

As Digital Communications Manager I worked alongside a Communications Manager and Multimedia Producer to create this piece of content as part of the 2017 domestic abuse awareness campaign.

Created to highlight the often hidden victims of domestic abuse ‘The Visit’ reached over a quarter of a million people across Facebook and Twitter in less than 48 hours. It was featured in national press and applauded by industry professionals such as Dan Slee from Comms 2 Point 0.

Video copyright Sussex Police.

Social media copy writing and engagement

‘Long lost loves’ campaigns: copywriter, social media engagement.

Working alongside Media Relations Officers, the Digital Production Manager and the Head of Digital Media, I wrote the social copy for, advised on the visual media and managed the social engagement, advising Communications Managers and dealing with community management.

Featured in the Evening Standard, among other local and national media, the ‘Long lost loves’ campaigns in 2017 and 2018 reached millions of people.

Designed in a lonely hearts style the social media posts appealing for wanted people to hand themselves in was well received.

Most importantly it achieved operational outcomes for the organisation alongside improving positive sentiment and social media engagement.

“You seem to have set Facebook on fire. Really well done. Thank you.”  

Chief Constable Giles York, Sussex Police

Social media content

Lego Star Wars: Writer, videographer, social media

James scripted and filmed this piece of content and worked with the Senior Multimedia Producer to edit and finalise the finished product.

Used across a number of years this content caught the attention of Buzzfeed in 2017, alongside two other pieces of content James helped develop. The video generated engagement and attention on Twitter, and delivered an important message in a different way.

Video copyright Sussex Police.

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