Last week we took some time out of the day to day running of our businesses to attend Nick James’s Expert Empires event – an engaging, inspiring and thought provoking two day conference that helped us focus to further improve our business and the services we provide.

Throughout the event we were treated to talks from the likes of digital marketing guru Neil Patel, sales savant Fabienne Fredrickson and the incredibly inspiring Lewis Howes. They, among others, provided us with some truthful marketing and advertising insights.

It would be selfish to keep these to ourselves so here are our top ten marketing quotes from Expert Empires March 2019.

1. “Eventually user metrics will beat all platforms.” - Neil Patel

Let’s start with something we all know deep down but don’t think about enough – the platform doesn’t matter, the audience does!

Neil spoke about the changing nature of digital marketing, pointing out that at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what platforms we use use as long as you engage the right audiences and create audience first content.

2. “Social selling is the art of selling without selling” - Sam Rathling

LinkedIn expert Sam Rathling hit the nail on the head! Social media has the word social in it for a reason. Old school sales tactics will not work here, instead you need to grow your audience and your brand by being human, being you and selling to people without them really knowing it!

Relationships are key here, build meaningful ones, expand social proof and engage with people thoughtfully.

3. “If you post once every three months and your content is crap, you’re posting too much” - George Theodosiou

It’s insane how much we agree with this statement. George made it clear that consistency is key – post consistently, often and well. ‘Well’ is of course a matter of opinion, but if you’re posting often you’ll quickly learn what your audience and potential customers love and be able to tailor content for them.

Posting stuff they don’t care about every now and then will do you no good. Preach!

4. “You differentiate yourself by discovering your unique story and value, and sharing it with the world” - Lewis Howes

If you’ve not heard Lewis’ story we implore you to seek it out. The way he talks about is childhood, his successes and his failures is brave, vulnerable and harrowing, and also inspiring.

He’s grown his business being himself, sharing his unique story and attracting business because of who he is. You should too – never fake who you are and what you do just for money. Always be your authentic self and use your story or stories to engage audiences and win hearts and minds.

5. “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room” - Jeff Bezos quoted during Rob Miles’ talk

Your brand defines you. It dictates what people think you stand for, how professional you are and whether you can be trusted.

When we say brand don’t just think about your logo, colours or tone of voice, think about the clients you work for, the people you surround yourself with and the reviews customers leave for you. Be a person or business that people are compelled to say nice things about, think about long term relationships and legacy, not short term gains.

6. “Marketing is becoming omni-channel” - Neil Patel

No longer can a business purely focus on one platform to succeed. Neil spoke about the continued importance of email and websites, but also the essential need to think about reaching those same customers in Facebook, on podcasts, and in YouTube too.

Your website is your home, your email is your core friendship group, and your social media is how you draw people into your circle – use them all, and use them wisely. Find ways to keep website visitors engaged and learn more about them – with quizzes and games for instance – and reach out to new audiences with YouTube videos and targeted Google Ads.

7. “People love to buy, they just don’t like to be sold” - Fabienne Fredrickson

We all love to buy, but when we’re sold to we become defensive, of course we do. We feel like we’re being swindled so much of the time.

That’s why Fabienne argued the need for a ‘kindness and love first’ approach when selling to someone. Give them a reason to buy from you without selling. Build relationships with potential customers, make them feel like they know you and want to work with you before they even enquire. Then once they come to you seeking out your services they’ll be won over already.

8. “2019 is going to be the year of LinkedIn. It’s time to double down on this platform” - Gary Vaynerchuk quoted during Sam Rathling’s talk

We Are Social and Hootsuite reported recently that LinkedIn had seen an 8% growth in advertising audiences (in the UK in the last quarter of 2018) – that’s almost 4% more than Instagram and a whole 8% more than Facebook!

There’s no doubt that both Gary and Sam are correct when it comes to the importance of LinkedIn in 2019, especially in the B2B world. It’s seen a real resurgence since embracing video and rewarding engagement – the tactics that used to work organically in Facebook are working really nicely in LinkedIn so it’s definitely a place every business owner, sales-person and recruiter should be right now.

9. “The key to success in life and work is relationships” - Lewis Howes

Have you noticed a theme running through this list? Relationships are THE MOST important factor to your business, your marketing and your overall life success.

We believe in this more than anything. Building the right relationships with the right people will help you ensure success, whatever that means to you. Become your customers’ best friend, understand them deeply and you’ll be able to create marketing that will truly mean something to them, building social proof, loyalty and trust.

10. “It’s very rare to find a team that can back up their strategic approach and thinking with sound and practical implementation” - Stuart Devlin

It’s true! Finding the right digital marketing team to help you realise your goals can be difficult but it’s not impossible. If you want to implement any of the tips discussed in this blog we can help.

Okay you caught us! This isn’t a quote from the day but a quote from one of our fantastic clients, Rowcroft Hospice. As well has auditing their digital channels we created their latest digital marketing strategy and continue to work with them on their Google, Facebook and Instagram advertising.

If you want to talk about anything discussed in this blog please get in touch. We’re your guiding light in the world of social media and digital marketing.


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