Can you believe it’s autumn already?! 🍂 Our roundup had a summer break but we’re back and raring to share some absolute gems with you.

Grab a cuppa (and a croissant, you know you want to 🥐) and settle down to find out what we’ve learnt the past month. It’s a 15 minute read. 

What we’re thinking about this month

Instagram Reels! Also known as Facebook’s TikTok because, well, they’re blindingly similar. Reels enables you to record and edit short-form videos with audio and music soundtracks and share them with your followers. Like TikTok it’s great for younger audiences, which is why we’ve been testing it for one of our clients, The TEFL Academy.

The moment it rolled out we noticed Reels content seemed to dominate the feed and because of that, you may have noticed a decrease in reach if you weren’t using it. Platforms will always prioritise their new features, so if you haven’t tried it, it’s worth giving it a go. 







    Hot social media updates being tested.

    What’s coming up

    We’re recruiting! Again so soon, I hear you cry? Well yes – we’re looking for a Facebook ads specialist this time. They’ll be helping James out with all things creative and techy in the social ads world. Here’s the job description. If you know someone who might fit the bill, please ask them to get in touch. 

    Sussex Hour is back! Join us and over 6,000 other local businesses for #SussexHour, which returns from it’s summer break from Thursday 10th September. Network, share ideas, events and tips from the comfort of your sofa. 

    And once again, that’s it! Keen to chat social media? You know where we are, get in touch. 

    See ya soon.

    Mel and James,
    Digital Firefly


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