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We’re switching up our monthly round up again following some feedback. Hopefully you find it interesting and useful. Please let us know what you think.

What we’re thinking about this month

2020 has been one roller-coaster of a year, but it may be the catalyst to greater change too. While the world tries to recover from a devastating pandemic an old disease has been thrown back into the public eye – racism.

The Black Lives Matter movement has taken over our social feeds in the last week or so following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, at the hands of a police officer. The movement has sparked us to think more about what we can do to understand racism and be part of the solution.

No-one has all of the answers and this is just the beginning but after #BlackOutTuesday, where we went quiet on social media and listened and learned from those affected, we decided to put together some thoughts on what we could all be doing to help facilitate change.

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It’s been great to see social media being used to amplify these messages and we’re happy to see many people using these platforms for positive change, but with positive always comes negative and with factual news always comes ‘alternative news’.

So we’d like to encourage you to think critically when scrolling through your feed, don’t react before doing your own research. Educate yourself with various credible sources of news and information, we recommend using Full Fact, the UK’s independent fact checking charity, and other fact checking resources.

Now, let’s get to the hottest social media news you may have missed in May 2020.


Social media news and updates already in play





  • Understanding dwell time to improve LinkedIn feed ranking, via LinkedIn Blog. This is a VERY interesting article if you want to learn how to improve your LinkedIn engagement. It discusses LinkedIn’s ‘dwell time’ metric, which is now being factored into its feed algorithm, which determines what each user sees. This is calculated from how long a LinkedIn user spends looking at an update or link. The upshot? You need to think more deeply about how to grab attention and keep it!
  • Tapping into the Power of Your Professional Network with Polls, via LinkedIn Blog. Only a few years behind Facebook and Twitter but worth a go.


Hot social media updates being tested.

Recent learning from our clients

James spoke with Tom Gibbons, Marketing Director at The TEFL Academy, about how they’ve adapted to find the opportunities available to them during the COVID19 crisis and what other businesses could be thinking about at this time and into the future.

What’s coming up

Want to learn how to break through the noise on social media, create attention-grabbing content and build real relationships with your audiences? Then we have the virtual learning session for you!

We’ve teamed up with Brighton Chamber of Commerce to deliver an insightful two hours of learning to help you better understand social media and create attention grabbing content! In the session James will cover the psychology of social media, why people share and engage and the tactics you can use to grab attention, engage the people you want to engage, and see meaningful business results from social media.

And that’s all folks. Need help with social media? You know where we are, get in touch. 

Until the next time, stay safe and keep learning.

Mel and James.

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