How’s Spring treating you so far? We’re having a great one.

We ended March at Nick James’s Expert Empires event – an engaging, inspiring and thought provoking two day conference. During the event we were treated to some truthful marketing and advertising insights. It would be selfish to keep these to ourselves so here are 10 Expert Empires quotes which will change your marketing forever.

Hopefully you’ll find them as insightful as we did.

Now, let’s get on with March’s news, tips and advice that you may have missed.
Instagram news

March was the month Instagram started to introduce their in-app checkout – it was only a matter of time! Shopping tags were their first foray into e-commerce and this new feature solidifies their ambitions to become your all in one platform for every customer touch point – brand awareness, engagement, consideration and conversion.

It’s only a closed beta test with 23 US based brands at this stage but if it goes well it won’t be long before companies around the world will have the feature.

It’ll mean when clicking a shopping tag you’ll be able to pay for your order within Instagram, removing the friction of clicking through to another website. Instead of a ‘View on Website’ button when you tap through, users will see a ‘Checkout on Instagram’ option. 

Keep an eye for it! It’s going to powerful for those of you selling physical products.

Here’s some more updates from Instagram…LinkedIn news

We Are Social and Hootsuite reported recently that LinkedIn had seen an 8% growth in advertising audiences (in the UK in the last quarter of 2018) – that’s almost 4% more than Instagram and a whole 8% more than Facebook!

So it makes sense for us to be talking about it more. We’ve also started using it more ourselves and finding the organic engagement there is performing really well, in both company pages and individual accounts. 

They’re also making themselves more useful by adding new features like document uploads for regular posts and new sharing options.

Here’s some other new things…Facebook news

Lot’s to talk about as usual. Firstly some good news for authenticity – Facebook are taking legal action against people selling fake followers and likes.

With influencer marketing becoming big business brands pay thousands, sometimes millions for pages with large audiences to talk about their products. But these brands can be duped into thinking someone has a larger reach and more engaged followers than they actually do.

This legal action will hopefully mean less inauthentic pages scamming brands and more authentically engaged pages providing value.

Some other news you may have missed…Twitter news

Twitter is testing a lot of new features and updates, which we’ll add below, but the thing most likely to affect businesses will be their changes to the API to limit usage by third parties. This means you may find problems using platforms to schedule your social media posts.

Those tests they’re doing…Some other news you may likeLet us know if we can help you with anything mentioned today.

See you soon,
Mel and James

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