Welcome to our first round-up since becoming Digital Firefly, and the first of Spring, YAY! It feels like it’s been winter for years, doesn’t it?

In the month that saw our launch we were treated to updates from Instagram and the Facebook data leak fiasco had us questioning whether we’ve surrendered too much to good ol’ Zucks. In this round-up you’ll find essential reading on all these subjects and more, alongside our thoughts on how they may affect your marketing.

Here we go…

Instagram news

There’s been a few minor updates, including changes to the Insights section (which we tweeted about and which you should be using) but the most interesting development is Instagram shopping coming to the UK! That’s right, your customers can now buy directly from Instagram. There’s a story about it below and you can find out more about becoming approved for it here.

Facebook news

After it emerged that Cambridge Analytica illegitimately used Facebook to harvest data from 50 million user profiles #DeleteFacebook began trending on Twitter. We were all toying with the idea of deleting our accounts, some companies even stopped using Facebook Ads (I know, insane!), but most of us didn’t and instead simply became more acquainted with the privacy settings (there’s a useful blog about that below).

This change in user behaviour, alongside Facebook’s changes to some Ad targeting options, may affect your business, especially if you rely heavily on Facebook advertising. But so far it doesn’t look like it’ll be a massive problem for you – Facebook and Instagram Ads are still great value and highly targeted, but time will tell if that changes.

LinkedIn news

This often forgotten platform has seen some interesting changes in the past few years. It’s still a powerful networking tool and it’s company pages are beginning to become more and more useful.

Just a few months ago native video was made available for profiles and now LinkedIn is going ‘all in’ by allowing businesses to use video in their sponsored content and company pages. Yes they are trialling behind everyone else on this but we think it could be powerful, especially for you B2B companies. Sponsored content is however still more expensive and less tailored than Facebook.

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And finally here’s a couple of blogs we also enjoyed and thought you’d find useful this month:

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