Happy August, and merry Brighton Pride weekend! The city comes alive like nowhere else on earth at this time of year, what are your plans? We’re definitely taking the weekend off 😊

Okay, so let’s get to this month’s round up of all the social media news you may have missed, along with our thoughts on how it could affect you.

Instagram news

Firstly let us take some time to congratulate Instagram on the second birthday of Stories 🎉 A feature that has become a vital element for audience engagement for so many. Much of the new Instagram updates have been to improve Stories so it is no surprise that 400 million people now use it on a daily basis.

The latest feature is one we mentioned on the horizon last month – the questions sticker. Such a fantastic tool to engage your audiences and potential customers with – get insights from them and build real conversations, you must give it a try! Ask questions of your audience, or get them to ask you anything they wish – you’re likely to learn something you never knew!

But that’s not the only update (they just keep coming this year), here’s a few more:

  • See when your friends are online to DM – via Instagram Info Centre. This update says what it does on the tin – you can now see when friends (and businesses) are online.
  • New Tools to Manage Your Time on Instagram – via Instagram Info Centre. This is hot off the press! Instagram and Facebook are doing their best to ensure time spent on the platforms is “intentional, positive and inspiring”.

Last month we also spoke about IGTV, and started sharing this update there too (follow us to watch it).

Want to learn more about using IGTV? Check out this blog from the Info Centrewith the best of IGTV in July, and download the Instagram Creators Handbook here.

Facebook news

In July Channel 4’s Dispatches revealed how Facebook decides what users can and can’t see on the platform. We’ve not got round to watching it yet but it certainly seems to have caught Facebook’s attention. In response they released this article about how they are working to keep Facebook safe. 

It’s an interesting read, especially if you have ever wondered about some of the more controversial posts floating around Facebook, but those processes shouldn’t affect you too much – unless you happen to grow to the size of the BBC.

And here’s some further news you may have missed:

Twitter news

If you have an account with a large following you may have seen a decrease in followers during July, this is thanks Twitter’s purge of tens of millions of accounts, most of which were already locked due to suspicious behaviour. It saw Obama lose 2.1 million and Twitter itself loosing a whooping 7.5 million followers!

You can check how many of your followers are real humans and how many are fake using this free tool. Happily ours are 99% human 🙂

And some other Twitter news:

So that’s it, your August round up. Hopefully you learnt something new or discovered something interesting which will help you improve your social media strategies.

And as always, please do get in touch if you have any questions or if we can help in any way..

Have a great August and we’ll see you next month,
Mel and James

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