How’s 2019 treating you? January just flew by for us! And it was James’ birthday 🕺🎉

It was also the month of new year tips, reports and updates. But before we get to that we thought you might be interested in our new psychology and advertising workshop in March.

We’ve teamed up with Former Lead Psychologist at Cambridge Analytica and behavioural scientist Patrick Fagan, to teach you how to ‘turn mind into money’ – that is, practically apply psychological science to your advertising.

The workshop will help you apply psychological insights to get your social media ads noticed, remembered and acted upon.

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Now let’s move on to the news and updates you may have missed in January…

Instagram news

January was the month Instagram announced that Stories had hit 500 million users per day. It was also the month Facebook’s Q4 report revealed new product pushes and improvements to come!

Two million advertisers are using Stories across Facebook’s products and that rise doesn’t look like it’ll plateau any time soon. Stories, specifically Instagram Stories, have become powerful story telling tools. They bring you closer to your audience and enable you to engage in a much more human way.

The question is no longer ‘should I be using Stories?’, it’s now ‘how can I increase my use of Stories?’. We know it can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Natural video shot from your phone is the easiest and most engaging thing you can do – even we need to do more of it!! 🤳

Some other interesting bits you may have missed…

  • Businesses Can Now Directly Schedule Videos to Instagram: Video is important and isn’t going away so this is great news! You’ll need something like Buffer to do it though.
  • 16 Statistics to Show Why Instagram Marketing is Crucial: Visual data is processed 60K times faster by the brain than text! That is why Instagram has become such an essential tool in the marketers toolbox, yet only 28% of marketers use it! You need have a read and a re-think if you’re not using Insta.
  • New Report Looks at the Growth of Influencer Marketing on Instagram: There were more than 2.1 million sponsored posts in 2018 and Instagram has clearly become a powerhouse for influencer marketing. The report acknowledges the rise and importance of more niche micro-influencers. If you’re interested in utilising influencers in your social marketing these more trustworthy, community-connected users are much more useful in driving behaviours than large influencer with millions of followers. You can download the report here.

Facebook news

After struggling with privacy problems and scandals in 2018, and so needing to focus on security, Facebook plans to focus on product innovation in 2019. This news comes following their Q4 earnings call, which revealed a healthy growth in monthly users and their earnings beating Wall Street’s expectations.

This is all despite a decrease in organise engagement for pages and their problems in 2018. 

Interestingly Mark Zuckerburg outlined a road map which includes Stories gaining new private sharing options, Groups becoming an organising function of Facebook on par with friends & family and Facebook Watch becoming mainstream this year as video is moved there from the News Feed.

So from a business point of view it’s worth thinking about using Stories in Facebook too (just re-purpose what you’re doing in Instagram for now – Insta is more important for most!), it is also worth spending more time in Groups, they are where communities are created and relationships made – forget your business page and use your profile as a way to connect with other people!

Some other news from January…

Twitter news

Twitter have again very kindly put together their Twitter marketing calendar (we’ve downloaded both the US and UK and Ireland ones and they’re on our wall!!!). It’s a useful resource to find awareness days, national holidays etc to get involved in on Twitter. A handy little thing to help you plan your content.

Download the UK and Ireland version here.

Breaking news: on 31 January Twitter suspended third party apps ManageFlitter, Statusbrew and Crowdfire, and they plan to continue their fight against ‘follow/unfollow spam dealers’ who breach their rules, the rules state “Aggressive following (Accounts who follow or unfollow Twitter accounts in a bulk, aggressive, or indiscriminate manner) is a violation of the Twitter Rules.”

The lesson here? Don’t use sites like those, or any others that attempt to bulk up your following by breaking the rules or supplying you with fake followers just to make you look more popular! Engage organically, grow your following properly and authentically!

Some other Twitter news…

Any finally…

See you soon,
Mel and James

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