We hope 2019 is treating you well and you’re feeling ready to tackle all that it will throw your way.

December was full of 2019 trend predictions so before we get into the news here are just a few of the trend articles we think you may find useful from some of our favourite sources:

They’re all worth a read but the big things to take away are the need to produce more in-the-moment, ephemeral content rather than only highly polished content – it resonates in a more human way with your audiences – and to use social listening tools to better understand your customers and personalise your content.

Now, let’s more in to the news you may have missed…
Instagram news

There’s no doubt Instagram saw some big growth in 2018, and now boasts one of the highest organic engagement rates of all the platforms, but 2019 could be an even bigger one for them. We think you’ll see a decrease in organic reach and the need to use ads more in the feed but Stories continue to be the place for more real in-the-moment engagement.

In December Instagram added even more ways to interact in Stories. Including connecting through music, the countdown sticker, and the ability to use the question sticker live when broadcasting live.

Instagram clearly want you to use Stories more, and you should, it’s the closest you can get to your audience and potential customers without actually seeing them in real life!

Some other interesting bits you may have missed…Facebook news

Facebook continues to push for more localised community engagement. They’re moving people towards more real engagement in Groups by rolling out its Group Stories option in all regions, allowing Group members to contribute and engage more with like-minded people.

They’re also now testing a new ‘Comment Quality’ feedback option just a few months after testing an up and down vote button. This is all in an effort to improve engagement on the platform and make it a more positive place to spend your time. It’s worth remembering all of these tweaks being made to encourage real and positive engagement – it’s what you should be doing too!

Some other news from December…Twitter news

There’s less news from Twitter but probably the biggest update is that Twitter has now rolled out a new button to switch between chronological and algorithmic timelines, something many have been asking for for some time. When you tap on it, your timeline will show latest tweets, tap it again and you’ll go back to “Top tweets” – which is the algorithm-determined feed showing those Twitter thinks you’ll want to see first.

Other Twitter news…Well I hope that helped you kick start your 2019.

See you soon and happy January,
Mel and James

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