We hope you had an amazing May, we’re sure most of the month is just bank holidays¬†ūüėé

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Now, let’s get on with some of the news and updates you may have missed in May.

Instagram news

The Instagram Donation Sticker is coming! In May US non-profits were finally given the ability to request donations via Instagram Stories with the new donation sticker. Sadly it’s no available in Europe and the UK just yet but they are working to roll it out.

Instagram, and Facebook, are doing more and more for non-profits and it’s worth you being aware of what is available now and what is on the horizon, so take a look at Facebook’s¬†charitable giving tools here, and read more¬†about the upcoming Instagram sticker here.

While on the subject of stickers, it looks like Instagram are also thinking about putting more emphasis on private groups chats with a new ‘join chat’ sticker, this could be interesting for customer service.¬†More here.

Here’s some more bits from Instagram you may have missed…

Facebook news

They’re at it again! Facebook love to tweak with the algorithm. Admittedly they normally do it for good reasons and for the most part it’s about showing their users content more relevant to them but it’s still annoying to find out something you did last week will no longer work this week.

So, what Facebook have said is that they’re tweaking the News Feed algorithm to reward people who publish video content that sees longer average watch times, and generates more repeat views. It also said Pages posting unoriginal or re-purposed video content will be penalised through limited visibility and monetisation.

What does that mean for you? Basically Facebook will reward Pages posting original content and develop real engagement and loyalty from followers. There’s some more about it here but the message is be authentic, original and grow a proper relationship with people rather than just sharing other Pages creations in the hope of more reach.

Here’s some more Facebook news…

Twitter news

Twitter have FINALLY given Tweetdeck a little revamp, meaning you can now use GIFs, polls and emojis all within the platform. 

Unfamiliar with Tweetdeck? It’s great! Twitter can become a really “noisy” place so having a way to filter all that is really handy. Tweetdeck helps you with that by allowing you to create different streams of tweets related to specific subjects or accounts – for instance you can have a stream of tweets related to a certain hashtag or location, or you can set up a list of account that fit together, a local cafes list for example.

Tweetdeck¬†is also fantastic for scheduling tweets (you can’t do this in normal Twitter).

Some other bits from Twitter…

Some other news you may like

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