Welcome to June and happy Friday! May just flew by didn’t it?

Two bank holidays, a royal wedding, Brighton Fringe, and as usual, loads of news and changes in the world of social media.

It was also the month James held his first bite-sized training session for Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce, hello to new subscribers from that session 👋 We hope the session was useful, and we’re looking forward to your feedback.

Now, let’s get to it…

Instagram news

Instagram continue to introduce features which focus on engagement, and that’s no mistake. After all that is what social media is all about – being social, having conversations, asking questions. The latest feature is the ’emoji slider’, a new way to interact with friends (and customers) in Insta Stories.

We love the slider and spoke about it, and other ways to engage, in our latest ‘Tactical Tuesday’ Insta story, which you can see in our highlights – follow us here.

Instagram continues to make changes to their platform to make it easier to do business on Instagram, read about some of those changes here.

And here’s some more Insta news you may have missed:

(excuse our American friends for the spelling above!)

That second piece of news is an interesting one – with so much discussion about the positive vs negative affects of social media on mental health this could be a positive step towards helping those suffering. It is of course helpful for those wanting more tailored content.

Facebook news

May was the month Facebook held their F8 Developer Conference, for your casual user much of what was discussed may be a bit mind numbing, but there were some interesting announcements, the biggest of which you can find at Marketing Land’s blog here.

We were particularly interested to hear of Facebook’s increased focus on augmented reality across most of their assets including Instagram and Messenger. We were intriuqued by their 

On the radar are Facebook’s plans to connect creators with brands on Facebook, enabling brands to have access to influential creators’ fanbases for a fee. It’s no surprise with the continued rise of ‘infleuncer’ marketing, but it our minds it’s nothing new – it’s still old school marketing (specifically reviews and recommendations) with new school tools!

Other Facebook news:

More reading

With mental health, social media addiction and ‘time well spent’ discussions top of mind we think it’s worth reading this blog from Social Chain, discussing a new feature coming to us all soon: Instagram Usage Is the New Status Symbol.

We hope you continue to find our monthly updates useful, please get in touch with any feedback, or if we can help you in any way.

See you next month,
Mel and James

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