As we hit meteorological Spring and the beginning of the end of this financial year we’re all thinking ahead, deciding where to spend our time and marketing budgets as the year moves on. 

The question of where to concentrate time in social media has come up lot in our small business strategy sessions recently and at risk of sounding like a broken record our response is always ‘spend time where your audiences are’. Learn about them. If they’re in Facebook that’s where you need to be, if they love Twitter then you need to love Twitter too! Most importantly you need to develop content that resonates with them.

“90% of the British population expect brands to provide content, 63% believe the content being created by brands in Britain is poor.” – Havas Group’s Meaningful Brands 2019 report as reported by Marketing Week.

So, when reading today’s update keep your audiences/potential customers in mind – where are they? What engages them? How can you be seen and make them care?

If you’d like to learn about how to engage an audience with your advertising our up coming workshop with behavioural scientist Patrick Fagan may be of interest…

Moving on, here’s some of the news and updates you may have missed in February…

Instagram news

There’s been a number of new features being tested over the last month which look to make Instagram even more valuable in 2019.

Firstly, and interestingly for charities, Instagram are testing a donation stickerfor Stories. This seems like a logical move considering Facebook have had some form of donation tools since 2015, and we know people are more engaged in Instagram Stories than they are in Facebook Stories. It’s one to keep an eye out for if you’re in the third sector.

It also looks like it won’t be long before you can make ‘Collections’ public. Collections currently allow you to save Instagram posts you like into a private space for you to revisit later, a bit like Pinterest, but this new update looks to make them public. Is this the beginning of the end of Pinterest?

What else is happening?

Facebook news

Facebook continue efforts to provide more data transparency. This follows various revelations and scandals, including issues raised by the way Cambridge Analytica used data from Facebook, which came to light a year ago this month. Side note: our psychology workshop is in collaboration with Cambridge Analytica’s former Lead Psychologist Patrick Fagan.

Tech Crunch reports: “Starting February 28th, Facebook’s “Why am I seeing this?” button in the drop-down menu of feed posts will reveal more than the brand that paid for the ad, some biographical details they targeted and if they’d uploaded your contact info.”

If you’re using Facebook ads, and specifically Custom Audiences this is worth being aware of and ensuring both you and whomever manages your ads are GDPR compliant and using data in a way that has been agreed with by your customers. Read more about this story here.

Some other Facebook news you might have missed…

  • Facebook Adds New Groups Features, Including Expansion of Mentorships: Post formatting (can we have this for Pages too?), expansion of mentorship and subscription features and much more coming to Groups. Do you get the impression they REALLY want us to use Groups? Well they do, and we’d certainly suggest getting involved in relevant communities, they can be much more powerful than Pages.
  • Facebook’s Migrating All Ad Campaigns to Campaign Budget Optimization [Infographic]: At present you can set budgets at Ad Set level but from September 2019 (we know it’s a way off) all budgets will be set at a Campaign level with Facebook automatically distributing budgets to the best performing Ad Sets. It may be a way off but you should start getting into the habit of running campaigns in this way so that you’re comfortable with it when the change happens. Read more from Facebook here.
  • How to report a problem on Facebook: We all want social media to be a more positive place, just as we all want the real world to be. You can help by reporting hate speech and other disturbing and inappropriate content. This how to from The Verge is a great reminder.

Twitter news

It looks like all the major platforms are looking for ways to curb trolls and remove inappropriate and disturbing content. Twitter has confirmed they are working on a new “Hide Tweet” feature, which it says will give users another option to protect their conversations.

As reported by Tech Crunch “In a recent interview, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that it puts most of the burden on the victims of abuse, which has been “a huge fail.” He said Twitter was looking into new ways to proactively enforce and promote health, so blocking and reporting were last resorts.”

This new feature could help manage comments from trolls, but on the other side it could be misused by those wanting to hide something or not respond to an important question. Imagine a public service or Government hiding a comment just because it was too difficult to answer? They’d be found out of course and it would hurt reputation but I can certainly see it happening when this feature goes live.

Some other Twitter snippets…

Well, we hope you found that interesting. Have the best March, and hopefully we’ll see you soon.

See you soon,
Mel and James

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