How was your bank holiday? Wow it was a scorcher, right?

There’s lot’s to talk about this month but we’ll try not to overwhelm you! Included this week we have LinkedIn’s continued evolution in their efforts to become more relevant, Facebook’s increased focus on Messenger and more copycat antics from Instagram.

Instagram news

Let’s start with Instagram. Slightly less news than last month but they have been borrowing from Snapchat again, and the QR codes of old. At the beginning of April Marketing Land reported Instagram testing scannable Nametags, similar to Snapchat’s Snapcodes. It’s an interesting development and we can see ‘Instagrammable’ businesses using the codes on posters, leaflets etc to encourage user generated content.

We’re also loving the sound of some of the up coming features being worked on, like their Q&A sticker. This could be fantastic for audience engagement and insights.

Not following us on Insta? We’re currently sharing Stories in our ‘Tactical Tuesday’ series with actionable Insta tips, check us out.

Here’s some more Insta news you may have missed:

LinkedIn news

Last month we brought you the news that LinkedIn were going all-in on video marketing, and this month we have more from LinkedIn. It seems they are definitely trying to step up their game in an effort to compete with and set themselves apart from the other platforms.

This month many users started seeing a new networking feature name ‘Nearby’. The feature was being tested last month and is now being rolled out across the globe. On their help page LinkedIn say “This feature will provide you with opportunities to network with other LinkedIn members by quickly finding and connecting with people around you at conferences, events and more in your proximity.”

It’s an intriguing development which could be useful for networking with potential clients or business partners at conferences and the like.

Read more about how to use it here.

Facebook news

Last year Facebook launched the ability to create 360 degree images within the Facebook app and now they’ve extended that ability to Messenger, along with the ability to send 720p HD video.

This doesn’t just show the pace at which more immersive media is becoming part of our every day lives but also how much focus Facebook is paying to Messenger. More and more, messaging and chat apps are becoming the way we socialise, in some cases more so than our news feeds (I know this is true for me and many others).

In this noisy social world 360 is an interesting way to engage an audience and something you should consider. Find out more about Facebook and 360 photos/videos here.

Finally, check out this blog from Facebook about News Feed ranking. A very useful read, including a video explaining the News Feed changes recently.

As always, please get in touch if you think we can help you in any way.

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