Merry October. How’s it going? We’ve got a busy one, kicking off with the Brighton Summit on Friday (11 October), TEDx Brighton later in the month and James’s sold out Scroll Stopping Social Media Masterclass with the Chamber of Commerce.

It’s also a strange month for awareness days, for instance Thursday 10th October was World Sight Day, Mental Health Awareness Day and World Homelessness Day! We’ve actually got a new blog that links nicely with World Sight Day, which we obviously published on the 10th, about making social media more accessible for everyone, you can read it here.

But before going off and reading anything else here’s some of the news and tips you may have missed in September…


New features, news and updates already in play.


Good! We’ve seen some toxic ads in our time and anything that helps protect vulnerable people from advertising that seeks to make people feel bad about themselves so they buy a product they simply don’t need is good in our books.

As reported by The Evening Standard: “Instagram will be restricting posts for users under 18 years old that promote the use of certain weight loss products or cosmetic procedures, and that have an incentive to buy or includes a price.”

Social Media Today say “A study conducted by The Royal Society for Public Health in the UK in 2017 showed that Instagram usage had the biggest potential impact in relation to higher levels of anxiety, depression, bullying and “fear of missing out.” So it’s obvious to us that these changes happen to help keep Instagram a positive place to spend time.

It’s not available to everyone yet but the tags highlight whether a user has been paid to promote a product or service by using the tag ‘paid partnership with’. It’s important to know if you plan on using influencer marketing or you yourself are being paid to talk about someone else’s service.

Features and updates coming soon, probably.


Here’s an interesting one for those of you selling products on Instagram. They are testing a new way to set reminders about upcoming product launches so people can buy the moment they’re available.

We like the sound of this but haven’t seen it in action yet. It provides a great way to engage with your followers and potential customers, build anticipation for a new product and hopefully increase sales on launch day. Keep an eye out for this one.

Dark is in! The latest iOS and Android updates include the ability as an option but not all apps do yet. So Instagram, just like some others are testing dark mode.


New features, news and updates already in play.


Okay, we’ve said this before and we’re about to say it again – Facebook REALLY want us to use Stories! They still haven’t grown as much as Instagram but they are definitely doing what they can to make them a little more prominent. If a lot of your customers are spending their time in Facebook it may be worth you testing Stories. 

On World Suicide Prevention Day Facebook provided an overview about what hey have done and continue to do to make the platform a safer place for difficult conversations and handle depression, anxiety, suicide and self-harm related content. They say:

“From April to June of 2019, we took action on more than 1.5 million pieces of suicide and self-injury content on Facebook and found more than 95% of it before it was reported by a user. During that same time period, we took action on more than 800 thousand pieces of this content on Instagram and found more than 77% of it before it was reported by a user.” 

So according to them they have made some real progress and we obviously welcome it; as Facebook continue to invest in people, technology and resources to help protect people using their platforms we as a community must also take responsibility by reporting content and supporting each other.

Last month Creator Studio added the ability to schedule Instagram posts, Stories and IGTV videos. In September they created this handy playbook to help you use the tool effectively. We think it’s great and you should definitely play around with Creator Studio, it could save you a lot of time.

The new updates relate to Facebook Live, Watch Parties and Creator Studio. For those who experiment with Live or are already using it we really like the new Live rehearsals features enabling you to test out your broadcast.

Features and updates coming soon, probably.


They must be seeing some interesting results from the Instagram tests as Facebook are starting to test this too. The aim being to help improve the mental health of users and they way they use the platforms.

We love Dynamic Ads and love these tests, these new ad options could be incredibly powerful in the holiday season. We’ll certainly be exploring them for some of our clients and it’s worth you taking a look too, when they’re available to you. Talking about the new style of ads a Facebook spokesperson said: “These new ads are based on the ways people currently like to discover and purchase products on Facebook and Instagram so the ad design and experience will be familiar,”

Spotted by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong the new feature would enable users to promote a private Messenger chat group, and link their connections through to it. 


New features, news and updates already in play.


TechCrunch say “The new DM filter is useful for people who want to keep their Twitter messages open, but (like most people) don’t want to see abusive content.” and we love it. The filter adds a new view to the Additional Messages inbox, where DMs from people you don’t follow go. Messages that potentially contain offensive content have their previews hidden, with an option to delete the message without opening it first.

A great move from Twitter just a month after announcing the test. We’re really happy about the work most platforms are doing to curb abuse online.

Before this update you had to upload photos to your tweet in the order you wanted them to appear. It’s a bit of a headache but this simple change will make organising the look of your tweet a little easier.

A small update but it could make your bio look a little nicer on the Twitter website.

Twitter released the latest version of its monthly major events calendar, covering all the key dates for social media marketers to be aware of in September 2019. Here’s the UK and Ireland version.

Features and updates coming soon, probably.


Spotted by social media expert Matt Navarra Twitter are testing tabs to make it easier to swipe through lists, bookmarks and topics. Here’s his original tweet about it. 

Giving you more control over how your conversations are presented this new option could be headed our way soon as Twitter expands their tests from just Canada to US and Japan.

And finally…
Some other news you may like.


Hope you have a fantastically spooky, crunchy leaved October.

See you soon,
Mel and James

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