Happy September. How’s it going so far? We’re having a pretty fun one and have loads of exciting things coming up. We ended August with James running a webinar alongside Orlo about the psychology of social media and grabbing attention, you can catch up with it here.

We’ve also been spending the last couple of weeks helping new LGBT literature festival The Coast Is Queer get the word out there about their events with social media posts and ads. Find out more about them here, a great way to spend a weekend.

One last thing to mention, if you live or work near Haywards Heath you may be interested in this new networking event run by Diamondnet Media. As well as meeting new businesses you’ll be treated to a talk from James about social media for businesses.

Now, let’s get started with some of the news, tips and updates you may have missed in August. 


New features, news and updates already in play.


Okay, we’ve all seen a million of these fake advice memes – “Instagram will steal your photos if you don’t share this post”, “Facebook is changing it’s privacy settings, like this post the tell them you don’t agree.”

Ridiculous! But unfortunately people are fooled by these memes, which is how this one gained momentum, but basically it’s not true, Instagram aren’t changing their meaning they can use your images in court. Something to remember though, when you upload to Instagram you do give them permission to use your images in their own advertising, that’s already in their T&Cs.

Hooray! You can now schedule Instagram posts, Stories and IGTV videos via Facebook Creator Studio. That’s great news and means there’s no need to use a third party app such as Later or Buffer. A really nice thing about scheduling in Creator Studio is that line breaks remain, unlike when posting through Instagram itself.

Okay, this may be a little advanced for most but it could be an interesting creative element for any campaign. Talking about this new development Facebook/Instagram said: “AR lets artists, creators, and designers make custom effects to share with their communities and enable more vibrant forms of digital expression — and we’re happy to help bring the Spark AR community’s creative visions to life.”

Think about ways you could engage your audience with this new format, and involve a graphic designer or videographer to create the AR filter for you.

Features and updates coming soon, probably.


The new option being tested will make it easier for users to report fake news and misinformation. It’s the latest in Facebook’s overall efforts to slow the spread of misinformation.

An interesting develop and further evidence of the continued increase in the importance of private messaging in social media. Let’s keep an eye on this one.


New features, news and updates already in play.


Facebook have changed renamed the privacy settings for Facebook Groups to make them easier to understand. It’s worth you knowing about these changes as a business and a Facebook user. Facebook continues to put emphasis on Groups so you should be exploring how you could use them to grow your community.

The idea here is to encourage engagement. As Social Media Today explains: “If you see that someone is, say, a ‘visual storyteller’, maybe you’ll be inclined to check out their other posts in the group, while having your own ‘Rising Star’ badge might encourage you to be more active, adding a sense of belonging to that community.”

You can also now target ‘Top Fans’ from your Facebook Page, and we imagine they’ll give you the ability to target other badge owners in the future too. It could be an interesting way to ensure engagement on a new post as your top fans will tend to already be more engaged than others.

Back in March Facebook announced changes to prevent discrimination in Housing, Employment and Credit Advertising. In August the started reminding advertisers that these new changes are now in effect. What does this mean for you? Well, if you advertise housing, employment or credit services or products you will need to select ‘Special Ad Category‘, this will limit your target options meaning you can’t target some demographics, behaviours or interests.

So if you do sell or advertise those services or products be sure to do your research before using Facebook in your advertising. At the end of the day this shouldn’t hinder you too much if you don;t discriminate, which of course you don’t because you’re a good person.

Features and updates coming soon, probably.


Instagram have been expanding their test with hiding like counts, and now it looks like Facebook are thinking about it. The idea, as previously discussed, is to attempt to make social media a healthier place. It is hoped hiding like counts will mean users aren’t just on the search for likes but will instead focus on more meaningful interaction, such as actual conversations.

Some of the features, including lead generation templates in Messenger, are already being rolled out, but other new policies and updates aren’t expected for a while. The important thing here is to understand how much Facebook values real conversations between businesses and users, and you should too. The Messenger platform is a great place to have real conversations and develop some good customer relationships and these new tools and updates are seeking to help you do that.

As stated by Social Media Today “according to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook is now offering news outlets “millions of dollars” for the rights to put their content in a dedicated news section, which Facebook is looking to launch before the end of the year.” 

With a clear demand for news content on Facebook this is just one step in their fight against fake news and trying to build a place where the news we’re reading comes from ‘trusted’ and reliable sources. Now you can argue on the merits of each journalistic source but it definitely sounds like Facebook are doing a lot to try to ensure only real and factual news stories spread around the platform.


New features, news and updates already in play.


Are you ready for #TalkLikeAPirate day (#TweetLikeAPirateDay?) on 19th September? Or how about #RugbyWorldCup? Check out Twitter’s key campaign dates for September to make sure you’re part of the conversion. Here’s the UK and Ireland version.

Here’s their account. We’re really enjoying it and thought you might too, especially if you love Twitter as much as we do.

Features and updates coming soon, probably.


This looks great. We really like the idea of this and hopefully it’ll be ready for more people to test soon. 

At a press event at Twitter HQ in San Francisco, Twitter’s product team discussed several projects, the biggest of which being topic-based streams, which would enable Twitter users to stay up to date on specific subjects via curated listings. There’s some interesting things coming that’s worth keeping an eye out for.

The functionality would make it easier to compose your tweets as you would like, instead of having to upload your images in the exact right order to correlate with how you’d like them to show.

And finally, some other news and tips you may like…

Have an amazing September.

See ya soon,
Mel and James

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