Did you enjoy January? It’s always the longest month of the year, isn’t it? We held a number of workshops (hello to those who subscribed to our email at them), it was also James’ birthday and lots happened in social media too.

Before we get to that we have a question for you – if we were to run more specific workshops which of the below would you be most interested in? Simply email us to let us know.

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Now, let’s get to the latest in social media… (now also including LinkedIn)


New features, news and updates already in play.

You’ve no doubt noticed the barrage of Instagram Stories using effects such as the ‘Which Disney Character Are You?’ or ‘2020 Predictions’ effect. The style quickly became popular at the beginning of the year leading to creators gathering huge audiences.

Noticing this trend we were able to quickly design a filter for a client of ours. The TEFL Academy’s Travel Predictor has helped them reach tens of thousands of new potential customers and increased their Instagram following.

The lesson? Being agile to new trends in social media can reap rewards. Keep an eye out for them and if it makes sense for your brand get involved!

SloMo, Echo and Duo. Three new ways to spice up your Instagram Stories. The options add more ways to use the Boomerang mode. In addition, Instagram has also added capacity to ‘trim and tweak’ your Boomerang loop in order to better control your final clip. A nice new creative option and one you should try out.

A really interesting read for anyone intrigued by how Instagram works. It dispels some rumours and myths too, helping you to better understand what will work on Instagram and focus your strategies.

Some users have it already and some do not but this new option could be useful for brand accounts, helping them to easily discover Stories that mentioned them and share those Stories in their own story stream. Read more about it from Social Media Today here.

Features and updates coming soon, probably.

It was bound to be in the pipeline since Twitter has already done it but it’s a nice upcoming update.

They’re always tinkering with new stickers and we like the idea of this one, a more visual map. It could be great for local marketing.

This is already available if using the Facebook Inbox, as long as your Instagram account is linked with your Facebook page. But adding it to Instagram will make things easier for a lot of businesses managing direct messages.


New features, news and updates already in play.

This new feature is available to most who use Facebook Creator Studio but not all yet. It will help you understand where your Facebook video views are coming from and give you a better idea of what works for each key source/audience.

The tips included in the announcement are really worth reading too, offering you advice on optimising for followers, shares or recommendations. If you are looking to improve your Facebook video retention rates and reach these tips are a good start.

In their announcement Facebook says: “Instant Articles (IA) opened up to all publishers in 2016 to provide a faster, Facebook-native way to distribute content that publishers already produce for their own websites. Today, Instant Articles continues to be one of the best ways for publishers across multiple verticals, including news, sports and entertainment, to distribute and monetise their articles – IA has three-times faster load times and 30% more time spent than mobile web articles.”

For a publisher IA is an impressive way to remove a little friction (no need to click outside of Facebook) and get people reading quicker, with these enhancements, which include smarter calls to action and ad placements, it seems IAs are going to continue to help publishers engage their audiences.

It takes a little bit of time to get used to but we kind of like the cleaner and more modern design.

Ever realised a change on your Facebook page and find it a nightmare to trace who made the change and why? It can be a problem for large organisations or businesses who have many Facebook page admins, but with this update it is now easier to see the history of changes made to your page and who made those changes. A welcome update.

On data privacy day Mark Zuckerberg took to the Facebook blog to talk about the many options available to users to keep things to themselves. Including the privacy checkup tool and actions Facebook are taking, such are the new prompts for users to check their settings.

Features and updates coming soon, probably.

Okay, this is a Twitter thread not for the uninitiated! Here Rob talks about new changes that have started rolling out which give Facebook users more control over how advertisers and businesses can target them.

Basically the new detail gives a user more transparency about how a business is targeting them through custom lists, the user can then stop a business from targeting them using that list, or even ask to see the ad (sometimes people are excluded from seeing an add if for instance they have already bought the product being advertised). It’s a useful update to understand, on both the business side and a Facebook user.


New features, news and updates already in play.

As mentioned previously Twitter now allows you to add a reaction, similar to that of Facebook reactions and what Instagram are planning, in DMs. Helping you ‘say more’ as Twitter says.

The TV show reminder buttons, which, when tapped, notify users when TV shows will go to air, have been updated.

Features and updates coming soon, probably.

During a presentation at CES, as explained by Social Media Today, Twitter’s director of product management Suzanne Xie provided an image of a new process in development which would enable Twitter users to define the audience for each of their tweets, direct from the composer window. This was first spoke of a few months ago and we think could really help build better conversations in the platform.

Following its enhanced focus on topics, and connecting users to the tweets that will be of most interest to them, Twitter has been working to refine its Explore listings found on the Explore Tab. 

LinkedIn has become more and more popular over the last year or so, not just in the recruitment and jobs business but across all industries. This is mainly due to new features, such as video, better organic reach and engagement than other channels, and improvements in advertising abilities.

Thanks to this popularity we’ve received more requests for advice on LinkedIn so we’re going to start including updates in this email each month, and are beginning to run training with those who need it.

New features, news and updates already in play.

Similar to Facebook’s ‘invite to like’ feature as an admin of a LinkedIn Page you can now invite your 1st degree connections to follow your page. Pages on LinkedIn have never been as successful as Facebook Pages, and they are arguably still not the best way to build relationships on LinkedIn (your own personal profile is a much better way of doing that) but this and other changes obviously show LinkedIn’s desire to make them more important, so they are worth exploring.

Almost a year after LinkedIn added the option for selected users they are now starting to let Company Pages live stream video. This could be a useful option for some businesses, it certainly worked when it first appeared on Facebook, and further shows their wish to make pages more useful.

Video being used by profiles have also worked really well in the last year too so we’d suggest attempting both to engage with your community.

LinkedIn have made it easier for admins to post as either your page or your individual profile.

Features and updates coming soon, probably.

Elevate, which helps employees become brand advocates, and LinkedIn Pages, which helps companies tell their story and engage with audiences, are coming together to help businesses reach and achieve more in LinkedIn. The update won;t appear until December 2020 however.

And finally…
Some other news and tips you may be interested in…

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