We’re James and Mel co-founders of Digital Firefly.

We believe in the power of relationships in business.

You know, when you walk into your local pub and they have your usual poured before you even ask? That’s what we’re talking about! Delivering first rate customer service and treating your customers as if they were close friends.

That’s why our social and content marketing services focus on building relationships, knowing your audiences and delivering real value to them.

It’s old-school marketing with new-school tools.

By creating a strategy or marketing campaign with the needs of your customers at its heart you’ll see long term benefits and true return on investment.

We can help you do that, be it a coaching session to get you started, more in depth consultation or multi-media creation.

Mel Berry

Mel Berry

Co-Founder / Campaign and project lead

Mel’s project work and copywriting skills have helped charities and businesses alike to improve brand awareness, exceed campaign targets and feature in national publications.

James, co-founder of Digital Firefly, knows how to create brand advocacy and loyalty by building online relationships with audiences.

James Armstrong

Co-founder / Digital and training lead

James has a proven track record in utilising his knowledge, alongside his flair for public speaking and coaching, to help companies increase website traffic and audience engagement.

Their core values are those of trust, honesty, simplicity and fun. These are also the foundations of Digital Firefly.