Group or one-to-one social media and digital marketing training sessions.

Want to master social media but not sure where to start? Need to up skill your team or learn how to utilse social media or Google advertising?

Our workshops, one to one training sessions and seminars are designed by James, a certified trainer with years of speaking, coaching and workshop experience.

Digital marketing and social media strategy

We will show you how to develop marketing strategies tied to realistic objectives using the metrics that matter, use the right channels for your audiences and create customer personas.

Our sessions have led to organisations seeing sharp increases in audience engagement, brand awareness and website traffic.

Social media advertising

We can train you or/and your team to effectively use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn advertising.

This can include building audiences, choosing the right objectives, re-targeting, developing content that breaks through the noise, grabbing attention and converting engagers.

Social media for business

Our talks for business networks, large organisations and conferences discuss the use of social media use for businesses. They are tailored for the audiences involved and always provide practical advice and insights. 

Social media for the public sector

With years of experience in policing and local authorities we have a unique insight into digital communications for public sector. We continue to offer training and workshops for public services.

Get in touch to talk about organising a session for your business or team.