Imagine not supporting and getting involved in one of the biggest and most significant events in our local calendar. That would be bonkers, right?

If you don’t have plans to show support for Brighton Pride it’s exactly that.

When I say Pride I don’t mean purely the weekend itself, but the time leading up to it too.

Here’s why Pride events can mean so much and are still so important.

And here’s a few small things you can do on social media to get involved and let people know why it’s so important to support LGBTQ+ rights.

1. Take to Snapchat!

We’ve spoken quite a lot about Snapchat lately, but with good cause – with Instagram Stories putting on the pressure, Snapchat is upping it’s game and creating some exciting new features.

As well as the awesome Snap Maps (more about this in our last blog) one of the newest additions is a super helpful way to promote your brand – known as the ‘Paperclip’ update. When editing your snap click the paperclip icon to add a link. This means your Snap audience can click the link, and bam they’re at your webpage.

Great for lifestyle posts and offers (just be sure to add it to the webpage you’re pushing them to).

Paperclip function on Instagram Stories

2. Create a fun geo-filter 

You can now create geo-filters on your phone in Snapchat (not yet available in all phones but you can do it on a desktop still). You can do this by going to the apps settings and tap on ‘On-Demand Geo-filters’ to go to the new mobile creative studio. There you can personalise the filter with text, Bitmoji and stickers.

Once complete, select the location you’d like the filter to appear and how long for (you can have as little as an hour or as long as 90 days – but remember the longer it’s up for and the wider geo-fence you create the more it’ll cost you).

In this instance you could create a filter with a rainbow pouring into a glass, or a rainbow and relevant emoji’s along with your branding. This’ll mean when flicking through filters in that area, people will stumble across yours and boom, the awareness I was talking about earlier.

3. Get involved in location stories on Insta

The location stories feature is a real winner for local social media marketing. Just ensure your story is public and add a location sticker to it. People who are in the area can then see these posts, even if they don’t follow you.

Check out the top left corner of an Instagram story below – here the red pin highlights this has been added to the Brighton story – this is because the of ‘the lanes’ location sticker.

It’s a great way to reach out to new potential customers, and of course show off that cheeky cocktail of yours.

4. Got a little cash to spend? Facebook advertising is the way to go 

You can target by those who have said they have an interest in Brighton Pride (5530 people, not quite enough to target alone) as well as those who identify as LGBT or have LGBT interests in the local area.

If you’d like to reach to the audience I’ve mentioned above, there’s a number of ways to do it, but I’d suggest creating your advert choosing three audiences: one that has an interest in ‘Brighton Pride’ and two others – one male and has a match to ‘Interested in men’ and another which is female and has a match to ‘Interested in women.’

You can then set a spend limit and get your ad out there. Of course you need to make sure your ad is on point (think high quality, lifestyle focused photos with mind blowing copy to accompany) before you can share it with your targeted audience.

5. And last, but certainly not least, get talking on Twitter

See who’s already talking about Pride and get involved in conversations, using relevant hashtags. Obviously they are subject to change dependant on how many people use them, but at the moment the most popular look to be #BrightonPride, with the themes of #CarnivalofDiversity, #SummerOfLove2017 and #FreedomToLive.

It’s also worth jumping into a local Twitter chat hour such as #BrightonHour (every Monday 8.30-9.30pm) to shout about your cocktail. With tons of Brighton folk taking part every week you’re sure to get your message out there.

Some inspiration for you there. If you’d like to speak to us further about how you can get involved in the Pride conversation give us a shout or message us on one of our social platforms.

Want to learn more about how Pride marches spread around the world?

You can also show your support for the local LGBT community, by volunteering or donating to support services. Here’s a list.

There are also many ways you can support Stonewall.