Instagram just made Stories more interactive with the ability to conduct polls.

It’s a great move! With Instagram Stories overtaking Snapchat in daily active users earlier on in the year it’s a no brainer that they’d want to make it even more valuable for businesses.

Here’s how to use poll stickers…

  1. Take a photo or video for your Instagram Story
  2. Tap on the sticker icon (top right) and choose the poll sticker
  3. Type out your question and poll answers
  4. Position your sticker
  5. Post your story

You’ll then start to receive answers to your question over the next 24 hours.

You start out with simple a yes/no option but you can edit to any A/B poll. If you’ve built up a good following this is a brilliant way to collect data about how your audience feels about any subject you wish. Market research pure and simple.

For instance, the other day we asked our followers if they’re thinking of using the new poll option, 89% of those responding said yes! We then asked if they wanted to receive some ideas to make the most out of Instagram, 100% did!

We’ll be contacting them all with links to this blog and our previous one on Instagram: 5 ways Brighton venues should be using Instagram.

Now, here’s some ideas for how different businesses could use Instagram polls…

  • Restaurant: Take a photo of two potential new menu options and let customers decide.
  • Hotel: Decorating for Halloween or Christmas? Create a story showing your options and get your customers’ opinions.
  • Café: Can’t decide what kind of new coffee beans so use? Create a story explaining the differences and ask your customers which they prefer.
  • Pub: Find out what music you should be playing by filming a video in your venue with different music in the background. Ask your customers what they like.

Before you start trying it out here’s a few things you need to know…

  • You can customise the yes/no field to any A/B question.
  • There is a character limit of 27 characters per response field.
  • Blue lines will appear to help you centre your poll and avoid placing it anywhere that might be obscured when someone watches your story.
  • You can only have one poll per story image/video.
  • You can view analytics on how many people responded and who responded.
  • You can’t change your response after voting.

Now get out there and give it a go 🙂

You can read more about poll stickers from Instagram here.