There was time when ‘sliding into the DMs’ (sending unsolicited Private/Direct Messages) was a flirting tactic used exclusively by men and teens, more often than not it’s seen as pretty creepy, especially if you’re not already friends in the real world.

But it’s now become something more…

Email is saturated and with changes in filtered inboxes, take Gmail’s for example – Primary, Social and Promotions – it’s increasingly likely that your message to a prospective client, customer or business partner will be ignored.

To combat this the use of Direct Messaging for B2B, B2C or B to influencer introductions is becoming the norm.

While in some cases, depending on security settings, the person receiving your message will need to accept or approve it to read, there’s still some great advantages, including being able see straight away whether your message has been read or not.

Our tips for making the best impression, whether approaching a local influencer, or seeking another business partnership, are not that different to flirting.

They’re working for us so hopefully they will for you too…

  1. Find the right partner

In the dating world apps and websites help you find a partner with mutual interests.

It’s not that different in business. Before messaging anyone do your homework, check out their Instagram feed, find out what they tweet about – will what you’re offering make sense for them? Will your brand nicely compliment theirs and vice versa?

  1. Appreciate them

Just like any good relationship you need to appreciate your prospective partner.

Comment on how awesome their Instagram feed is, or how much you love their product. Make it known that you’re a fan and that you’ve done your homework about them – give them a reason to open your message.

Liking their Instagram posts and getting involved in conversations on Twitter is a great way for you to get on their radar before messaging them.

  1. Give, give, give

The best flirters are more interested in the person they’re speaking to than talking about themselves.

The same goes in business. Give value, explain what you want to do for them, and don’t ask for anything in return… at first! Of course you will want them to do something for you eventually, be that talking about your venue on Instagram or partnering on a promotion, but build a relationship first.

  1. Be sure you’re seen

Just as peacocks show off their feathers, and men attempt to one up each other, to impress a mate, so must you do something to be seen.

As said earlier if you’re not already connected with someone your messages may appear in a separate inbox, one where they have to agree to receive your message. To make sure the recipient knows they have a message from you comment on their latest public post, and tag them in it just to make sure.

There you have it, our tips for sliding into the DMs. Good luck 😉

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