Many struggle with how to use Snapchat for their business, but it’s not that scary, trust me.

It is quite different from the other mainstream social media platforms but once you get a handle of it you’ll find it’s a useful tool for brand awareness and customer engagement. And if your ideal customer is under 34 then you really should consider it.

I’ll write another blog soon about Snapchat as a whole but for today let’s focus on their most recent update – Snap Maps.

They’ve been tracking user’s locations since day dot but now, in what some may feel a rather unnerving change, your friends can see your location and you theirs (you can change these settings however, more info about that here).

Launching the new feature Snap Inc. said:

“We’ve built a whole new way to explore the world! See what’s happening, find your friends, and get inspired to go on an adventure!”

So how does this help you and your business?

Well let me tell you…

Use heat maps to find Snap users

So, let’s say you know your customers use Snapchat, but where are they using it? Well no need to guess anymore, by viewing your Snap Map you’ll see where the concentrations of Snap users are.

If you’re planning to use a geo-filter for your venue or event then a great place to work out whether it could be a success is to use the heat map to find out where users are snapping.

Check it out below…


Create geo-filters to promote your business

Great, so now you know where Snapchat is being used and want to create a geo-filter – an overlay for photos and videos in Snapchat and made available for users snapping in locations of your choosing.

They are fantastic for brand awareness and can add a bit of fun to any event. There’s a couple of ways to create them, either use Snap’s own tools to create one or employ your own skills or the skills of a creative to make one from scratch.

Here’s some inspiration…

Find out more here.

Get involved in local stories

If you’re using Snapchat to share your story there’s two things you should be doing to improve your profile’s discoverability.

First – each city has its own ‘story’, as do some large events, made up of a collection of snaps from a number of users. Each time you upload a Snap consider sending it to your local story too. It’ll help non-followers find you.

Second – next to the heat maps in Snap Maps you’ll find event or local stories, the same as above these are made up of a collection of snaps from users at that location. It’s useful to find out what people are snapping about in these areas and find popular locations for geo-filters or simply for you to snap at and be seen.

Click here to find out more about Snap Maps.

Find out more about geo-filters here.

Happy snapping.