With COVID-19 tipping the world upside down it’s a crazy time right now!

We’ve had lots of people contact us about what they should and shouldn’t be doing in social media. One of the questions they ask, is should I still be on social media? Yes, absolutely. Here’s a video discussion between us about what we think you should be doing and why. Check it out below.

If the written word is more your thing, then read on instead..

1. Build a community

Can’t sell right now! That’s fine. It gives you a great opportunity to take some time to really focus on building your online community. People are online for more hours a day during the pandemic. The Guardian have stated that Vodafone reported that internet usage has surged 50% in some European counties. It’s time to get your audiences to connect with you and to each other. 

The stronger relationships you build at this time the better. This includes online and offline. Not only will your brand be bolstered but you’ll be able to sell to them when the time feels right (more on this later).

2. Test new types of interactive content

Not sure what content to come up with to engage your community? Divide your communications into key themes, ideally two selling and three purely giving value.

Then grab a couple of trusted fellows and have a Zoom call to discuss what you could be doing in relation to each theme.

Some types of content you could use to spark ideas:

  • Polls
  • Emoji quizzes
  • Competitions
  • Case studies
  • Infographics
  • Live video (hot right now!)

Three heads are better then one, so get creative.

Here’s an example from one of our clients, asking their audience to share their work. It’s a winner as it encourages people to engage, plus it potentially provides more content for follow up posts, cha-ching!

3. Ads and re-targeting

If you can’t sell right now all is not lost. Remember, you’re playing the long game and there will be a time when you can again. Use this time wisely, engage your audience.

Then later when the time comes, you can re-target them through Facebook and Instagram ads. You can re-target people with ads if they’ve taken an action on your Facebook or Instagram or visited your website through Facebook Pixel

We did this for a client during their Black Friday sale in November and re-targeted those who had engaged with their page in the past year. It was a brilliant success, generating hundreds of sales within a week. 

Just remember, think of the long game.

4. Collaboration over competition

We believe in this. Every. Single. Time. 

It’s not that we don’t enjoy a bit of healthy competition now and again but rather that we know people work best when they work together.

So think about who you could collaborate with, whose audience would you love to reach and who would love to reach yours? If you can see the benefit from both sides then approach them – what do you have to loose?

For example if you’re an online personal trainer it’s worth collaborating with someone selling yoga matts or at home gym equipment. Be proactive. 

So there we have it..

Hopefully you’ve found this blog useful and will take away some things you can do right now to boost your social media during this strange strange time. Drop us a line hello@digitalfirefly.co.uk if you’ve tried something that’s really worked – we’d love to hear about it. 

Good luck and onwards!

Get in touch to talk about how we can help you succeed with your social media marketing.


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