If you’re in the hospitality industry there’s something you really need to know. Facebook has stated that in the US that more than 1 in 3 people use Facebook or Instagram whilst at a restaurant or bar.

We’ve all seen the craft beer and coffee photos as well as out in town selfies. People like to shout about their eventful lives, and that often involves highlighting what they’re doing out and about.

The data has been shared in Facebook’s latest research report on the US beverage path to purchase, in which they analysed conversation data on Facebook and Instagram as well as surveying more than 1000 people.

Whilst the data is small (compared to 234 million active monthly Facebook users) and based abroad, it provides a fascinating insight into the behaviour of western society.

As well as the 1 in 3 people using Facebook in restaurants or bars, 50% also said that they’ve tried out drinks that others have posted about on Facebook.

Not only that “April-May 2017, #coffee or #wine were among the top 5 beverage related hashtags on Instagram; #drinklocal was another top 5 beverage related Instagram hashtag in the same period.”

They also shared some seasonal trends for drinks across the year:

Facebook data on drinks June 2017

Although fairly obvious, it’s handy to see this data laid out to help strategise content and ad campaigns throughout the year.

What’s also interesting is that men and women converse about things differently online – “With non-alcoholic drinks, men like to talk about specific drinks and brands of drinks, whilst women discuss flavours, ingredients and health topics. With alcohol, men talk about brands and products, while women talk about special people and moments.”

Men sharing facts and women feelings – not surprised? Me neither.

Although obvious, this is good to know as it helps you target your advertising as specifically as possible. And as we all know, targeted advertising makes bigger (and more importantly better) impact.

So, what can you take away from this?

  • Plan your digital content strategy in advance, taking into consideration seasonal trends.
  • When planning content and ads bear in mind the way the different sexes interact with information and target accordingly. For example, if you’re looking to promote a womens cocktail evening write about how great someone would feel celebrating their special evening at your venue.
  • Think carefully about the hashtags you’re using on Instagram – combine both local and generic for maximum impact.
  • Give local influencers a reason to come to your venue, if people’s peers have an impact on what they try out then influencers certainly will.
  • Ensure you offer free wifi, this will help others share posts about your venue with ease. It might be they even come in to use the free wifi, buy a beer and post about their chilled afternoon. Win win!

If you want to find out more about anything mentioned above just give us a shout.